Reviews from Cardinal Bend customers:

“Absolutely beautiful card. I ordered two of them ….one to use now and one to save. These are so much better than the ones we find in the card aisles of our stores. To me, it says to a family that you thought enough of their loss to select an elegant card.”

Dorothy Hill (Jesus Wept Sympathy card)

“I went to a function at church and a retired Elder’s wife came to me and asked, “Did you make that Thank-you card for an Elder?” How smart do they think I am? I said, “No!” They enjoyed receiving ┬áit very much, they also said they never saw a card like that one before. I wonder why? Good job! Will be using three of the Profession of faith cards shortly also.”

Maryann (Seeking Salvation card)

“A friend gave me a card awhile back and this was in it. I kept the card because I knew I wouldn’t want to forget these words! (From the inside of the card: “In the midst of every situation, every uncertainty and every burden God works the impossible!)

Krista (Nothing is Impossible)