Three Sympathy Cards that Share your Sorrow for Another’s Loss

Cardinal Bend Workshop would like to share with you three of the Sympathy cards that are available through Etsy. Each card was written and created because of a burden for a friend or loved one who had a recent loss. For each recipient I wanted to share a special note of sympathy.

Jesus Wept

Sympathy card“Jesus Wept,” was the first Sympathy card made. The shop is now in its second edition of the card. It was initially made when a dear friend lost her sister-in-law. There was much grief ┬áin the passing of this woman because of her choices. How the family ached over the loss. What can you say when there was so much pain. The words to this card were exactly what I wanted to share, “Your pain is greater than I can know but our Savior knows.” What a comfort to be able to know that our tears do not go unnoticed by our Savior. Available in our shop or on Etsy.

From the Bible…

The next sympathy card was made for my cousins after my aunt passed away. One cousin said she now felt like an orphan. The family needed special encouragement to look to God in their time of sorrow. After this card was made there was a friend from church who needed these special words and Sympathythen another. This has been a well used card for me. On the front of each card is the highlighted passage from the Bible. A special word from God that I wanted to sink into their heart. Sharing the thought that, God cares. Written on the inside of the card are these comforting words, “We cannot imagine what you are going through, but our heart and prayers are bringing you to God. May He give you grace and comfort in your time of loss.” Available through our shop or on Etsy.

Walking Through the Shadow

Encouragement or SympathyThe last Sympathy card that has been made for Cardinal Bend Workshop doubles as a card that could be sent as a person is at the end of a terminal illness. The front of the card has a water color background and the words to Psalm 23. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me:” This thought is pertinent for the sufferer to know that God is with them and the one who has lost a family member. Before my aunt passed away from cancer I sent her this card to encourage her through this last season of her life. The inside of the card reads, “Life is a preparation for the next, a journey that we don’t have the itinerary. But God does! PRAYING FOR YOU.” What a comfort to be able to lay your life or the life of a loved one into the hands of God. He knows what we are going through and where we are going. This card is available on Etsy or in the shop on this page.


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