WHO & WHY-The Cardinal Bend Story

Cardinal Bend’s Story

Who am I? Who is Cardinal Bend any way? Why am I doing what I do? Here is my Who & Why! The name itself comes from our location on a bend on a rural road that has had a fair amount of cardinals. Since cardinals are my favorite bird we have branded ourselves, Cardinal Bend.

Over the years I have dreamed of start my own business. I tried to earn money teaching art classes or sign language classes, these meet the need for a year or two and then fizzled out. I thought about painting or drawing and selling the items on ETSY or craft fairs yet this also never went anywhere. People liked my work but not enough to pay for it.

Our family needed some extra income to supplement my husband’s lower paycheck. I longed to visit my girls and their families across the country in Tulsa without scraping money from other needs. Frequently I would need to bum a ride to go to camp meetings and revivals with our church. There were things I wanted to buy or do and bills that we could not pay off fast enough. But no job opportunity worked.

Inspiration from my mother

For the last few years I have made the Christmas/ Holiday/ New Years cards that I have given family and friends. I could never find a card that said exactly what I wanted to say. So my daughter and I made homemade unique inspirational cards and shared them with others during the holiday seasons of  2015 and 2016.

My mother heard of all my business ideas, and all of my failures. Early in 2017 she said she had an idea. She wanted a special card and could never find one. Could I make it for her? I made her that card and a few others. She ended up with a number of cards she wanted. I loved it! My mother became the first customer for Cardinal Bend’s Workshop and helped start this greeting card business. My sister-n-law was excited about it and we were ready to role. Visit my shop here.

I have always loved…art

I have always loved…crafting

I have always loved…teaching

I have always loved…encouraging others

I have always loved…helping others hear about God

After all the failures things are different NOW! Business Boutique has helped me start Cardinal Bend Workshop when I would have tried to perfect my product. The result would have been never opening a shop. I have given myself permission to be a beginner and to fail if necessary. Maintaining and building a business has helped me gain a confidence and self-respect that is vital to my personal growth. I have confidence that I can do this!

My Why!

Ultimate Motivator: My biggest drive for starting Cardinal Bend now is because my daughter needs braces and other dental work. We have pursued many avenues to try and get financing but nothing has worked. She needs this work done not only for her appearance but also for her self-esteem. We have waited too long. Her needs are extensive $5,000-15,000 – to include 3-4 bridges, multiple implants, and 5 or 6 crowns. Kimber has Ectodermal Dysplasia – type unknown. Her biggest symptom is the 11+ adult teeth that are missing. The teeth she does have are very sensitive.

Financial control: My long term desire and burden for Cardinal Bend is to build additional income to supplement my husband’s paycheck, with the goal in the future of replacing his income. My husband will either retire or possibly pass away within the next few years. He has many physical challenges which include having survived a heart attack, quadruple bypass surgery, diabetes (requiring insulin shots), high blood pressure, hearing loss (requiring hearing aids), titanium implants in both ears, blindness in one eye, Melanoma 2-3 times, and recently bladder cancer. Praise the Lord! He is still ticking, of which I am thankful. When he retires our low income will drop significantly.

Personal Benefit and Outlet

Cardinal Bend Workshop gives me enough of a creative outlet so that I can use my artistic and writing talents. It is one thing that I can do that actually gives me energy and builds my personal self-esteem/self-confidence. I am always giving to my family, husband and others and do so without reservation. My business allows me to be creative and personally inspires me.

Thanks for reading and caring who I am!

Let me know who you are, I’d love to get to know you!