My Grace is Sufficient – Encouragement card

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We know that God says, “My Grace is sufficient for thee…” The verse continues, “For my strength is made perfect in weakness.” This verse gives us comfort as we remember that there is grace sufficient when we are going through a rough time. He promises that we will not have to go through more than we can bear. You can look at the inside of the card on our shop, the inside of the card reads,

We know God has a purpose,
We know all things work together of our
We know God’s way is best,
We know that we can trust him,
We know he will carry us,
But that doesn’t take the burden away!

The Story Behind the Card

When hard times come, God’s promises while known don’t take away the fact that we need to go through what we need to go through. A friend of mine was in this situation recently. She is the mother of 5 young children. Two of her daughters had gone through serious sicknesses. They both had been in the hospital within a matter of weeks. The second daughters stay in the hospital was for about a week. She was out for about a week and had to go back for another five days. The situation was serious but there was an end in sight. THEN, the mother discovered that her youngest son was having some problems seeing.

She took him to a painting, covered his left eye and asked what he saw. Everything was fine. Then she did the same thing with the other eye. The result was different. This time he only saw maybe 10% of the picture and everything else was black. Talk about a heavy weight. She brought him to an eye appointment with a specialist. He told them that her son had a detached retina. The result is  one and possibly a follow up surgery. Even with all the surgeries there is little hope of his sight being recovered.

The burden is there, the burden is great, we cannot deny it….yet we must remember, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” The card is available on ESTY.

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