Paint the Sky – Thank You Card

We can Paint the Sky of others. Here is a blank thank you card from Cardinal Bend Workshop, a card thanking others for how they have influenced my life. To the left is an  drawing of a girl who is painting the sky, from the edges of the rainbow continues more of the painting onto the card itself. The watercolor paints match well and are brilliant in color. “Thanks for painting my sky!” is written on the top right corner.

The Story Behind the Card

There have been so many people that have been a blessing to me and I wanted to have a card that would really say, “Thank you” my way. Thank you for being there and making my day brighter. For giving me a boost and showing your love.

Thanks for Painting my Sky!

  1. My mother who has encouraged me to start a business.
  2. Kimber’s piano teacher who let us borrow her car when ours went down
  3. The violin teacher who spent lots of time and patience with Kimber
  4. My daughters who are there to help when needed
  5. My husband who goes to work when he doesn’t want to.

I have given away more of these than I have sold because there are so many people that I need to thank. So many people who Paint the Sky right when I need it.  Each and everyone of these special people has painted my sky with their thoughtfulness, kindness and love. This card is available in the shop section of this blog or on ESTY

Light Note Cards

Introducing our Light Notecards!

These are made with my daughter and I. She uses watercolor and paints the background the hand writes the quote on the front of each card. My part is minimal. I edit, assemble and package them. Not that much on my part. She enjoys various sayings very much. Writing them and plastering them all over her room. It is amazing how just a phrase can change your day. I have seen a downcast mood changed and brightened with an inspirational quote. I trust you will enjoy these sayings and pass them on to others who may need some encouragement.

Notecards as seen on our shop page:


027. Light Notecards (set of4)  - The outside of the card has a watercolor background with a hand drawn saying on the front.

“Enjoy the little things.”

“From a tiny spark may burst a big flame” – Dante

“Stars can’t shine without darkness”

“Lights will lead you home.”

…$6.00 027