Child’s Princess – Get Well Card


A new Child’s Princess Get Well Card is being released from Cardinal bend. This card is for a young girl who needs some encouragement during an illness. Little girls find a long stay  in the hospital, a broken limb or a rough cold can be hard work. Your sick child will be pleased when she opens her card and discovers it is a princess paper doll. This card will be one that will end up well used and remembered for some time.

The Inspiration

The inspiration of this card came from a little girl at our church who was very sick. She caught a very strong stomach virus that put her in the hospital. One event lead to another, because of her loss of weight and other complications she ended up on a feeding tube. The pain and trauma she must be feeling was enough to cause me to feel for this little girl. She came home with a greater burden then just being sick. Being on a feeding tube she is unable to eat for at least two weeks. This means that she has to watch her family sit down to dinner and she can’t have any. She is unable to play with her brothers and sisters, yet watches them run in the woods and swim in the pool. I felt she needed lots of encouragement. So I made this card for her. Her mother said, “She opened the card and yelled, ‘Mom, its a paper doll!” I know it was liked that is thrilling.

I trust that the little girl you know who is sick will be encouraged by this card and have loads of fun. At least for a little while she may be able to forget her illness. This card is available at Cardinal Bend Workshop @ ETSY  and in the Encouragement section of the shop on this page. Clicking on any picture provide links to the ETSY shop where the card can be purchased. Thanks for listening, subscribe for more updates.